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Are Homebuyer or Building Surveys Killing Your House Sale(s)?
October 2023

Buying or selling a property can be a daunting thought, and is considered one of the most stressful thing you can put yourself through. There are mountains of paperwork, solicitor enquiries and searches, not to mention the survey of the property to confirm it’s condition. 


There are a number of practitioners who offer survey products, probably the most common being the Homebuyer Survey (Level 2) and Building Survey (Level 3). What is not so commonly understood is that these types of surveys are limited in what level of advice they can provide, and often make recommendations for further expert reports, such as structural engineer reports, timber and damp reports, adding further delay and complication to the sale process, not to mention the additional cost for the buyer. In simple terms, only a structural engineer can provide structural advice, and has the necessary qualifications and legal indemnities to do so.

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