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Structural Surveys & Inspections

Caswell Bay, Swansea

Structural Survey of residential property in Caswell Bay, Swansea due to auctioned by a local estate agent. The property was located on a sloping site and had been subject to building movement due to neighbouring unsupported excavation works. The extent of our services included a structural condition survey of the property to confirm the extent of damage and repairs, review the geological maps / physical ground strata and provide an engineering statement on the excavation works, planning breaches and new strengthening repair works needed.

Pembrokeshire, West Wales

Structural Survey of a residential property in West Wales for a buyer who had previously instructed an RICS Homebuyer report which highlighted many issues that the RICS Surveyor could not comment further on due to the lack of structural expertise.

Our survey addressed the condition of all structural elements in the property, principally the roof structure timber frameworks, chimney, load-bearing walls and floors, foundation performance and ground movement risk assessment, together with an examination of timber decay/rot and a check on the presence of rising and penetrating damp. We also reviewed the initial report by the RICS Surveyor and were able to confirm which defects were problematic, how they had developed and recommending repair options. The buyer was then able to make an informed decision on the house purchase based on the clear findings in our structural survey report.

Commercial Building

Structural Survey of a commercial building (previously occupied by Lloyds Bank) subsequently acquired by a develop to convert to residential units. The scope of our services included the structural inspection to confirm the presence of defects, including structural cracks to load-bearing walls, timber decay to roof framework, building movement and damp, together with providing structural advice on the feasibility of proposes structural alterations and extensions.

Inspection of a trusive inspection of a non-traditional steel-framed building property to ascertain the condition of the steelwork beam and column members frame to support retrospective calculations to ascertain structural capacity to satisfy the lender.

Our services  also included the identification of structural defects the exposure of the high risk areas, e.g. base of columns, to confirm any corrosion and make recommendations for structural repairs. We also undertook site checks to ensure the repairs complied with modern standards and issued a professional consultants certificate at completion of the works.

Expert Witness Services

Commercial Building

Structural Surveys UK acted as the technical expert for a construction contractor who had been removed from site following accusations of poor quality workmanship from the property developer. Working in collaboration with the legal team, our engineers conducted a full review of the project deliverables (contract, design, drawings, specifications) and followed up with a site visit to ascertain the extent and quality of works completed against the design intent. Our technical appraisal of the work and their respective value were detailed on a Scott’s Schedule and our final report produced in accordance with the legal guidance set out in CPR35.  This particular case progressed to mediation for which Structural Surveys UK acted as the technical expert to challenge statements made by the developer and facilitate a fair and reasonable claim on behalf of the contractor.

Acting for the developer, Structural Surveys UK were commissioned to assess the quality and conformance of build works completed by a construction contractor following their removal form site. The scope of our works included the site inspection of works completed to date, which were well below the quality standards expected and the production of a technical report to support a legal case against the contractor. 

Insurance Claims

Fire-Damaged Residential Property

Structural Surveys UK conducted an inspection of a fire damaged residential property, supporting the insurance loss assessor as part of the claim process. The scope of our services included an urgent site visit/inspection to confirm the structural stability/integrity of the building following the fire and recommend temporary support works where necessary (to maintain health and safety and ensure no risk to life). Our detailed site survey/inspection identified all structural defects, categorising those by severity and those that needed repair or replacement/re-building.

Demolition & Rebuild Survey

Structural Surveys UK were instructed to carry out a demolition and reinstatement/re-build survey for a large commercial property in Swansea. The steel framed building had been damaged beyond repair and our remit was to replicate the original form of construction and determine a re-build cost for insurance purposes.