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Insurance Claims

Structural Surveys UK provide a wide range of services to support residential and commercial property/buildings and infrastructure asset insurance claims market.


When structural damage claims arise one often considers the first point of contact should be with the insurance company in question. However, it’s often imperative to engage with a structural engineer first particularly where a property/building or infrastructure asset is badly damaged and potentially unsafe. We work in collaboration with insurance companies and loss assessors to ensure your claim is dealt with promptly and efficiently while minimising disruption.  


Our experts can assist with the following property/building and infrastructure related damage claims:

  • Fire Damage

  • Subsidence, Settlement or Ground Heave Damage

  • Storm Damage (e.g. extreme wind, lightening & fire)

  • Flood Damage

  • Structure Impact Damage (e.g. vehicle, fallen trees, neighbouring structure failure)

  • Ground Collapse (e.g. neighbouring excavation near boundary walls/foundations)

  • Malicious Damage & Sabotage

The scope of our services include:

  • Structural inspection of damaged property/asset to ascertain (i) risk of sudden collapse and need to install temporary supports urgently (ii) assess structural defects and recommend repairs required.

  • Production of design and specification to facilitate the repair/re-build works.

  • Contract administration/tender procurement/building contractor selection/award.

  • Project management of building work repairs or re-build.

  • Staged completion sign off and production of Professional Consultant Certificates to certify the works at the end of the build.

  • Full collaborative working with insurance company/loss adjuster/loss assessor to ensure claims are dealt with in a timely manner and minimise the disruption to the property/building and owner(s).

Structural Survey’s UK offer an emergency site response service, working in collaboration with the insurance company or loss assessor to safeguard the structural integrity of the property/building or infrastructure asset, maintaining health and safety and negating further deterioration during the claim handling process.

If your property/building or infrastructure asset has been subject to structural damage, please contact our friendly staff who will be able to assist you further.  

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