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Structural Design

Our engineers have a wealth of experience in the structural engineering design and construction of a wide range of buildings, property and infrastructure assets.


Structural Surveys UK provide our design services on an array of buildings and property including multi-storey buildings, tunnels, bridges, transport networks, commercial / retail facilities, marine structures / docks and ports, sea defences, hospitals, education establishments, nuclear power stations and MoD / defence infrastructure, historic buildings and residential developments.

We are conversant in the structural design of all key materials (structural steelwork, reinforced concrete, masonry, structural timber and structural glass) and experts in traditional and non-traditional buildings.


Our specialist industry knowledge extends from the structural design of small buildings, e.g. residential property with simple design loads, to the most complex infrastructure assets, e.g nuclear power stations that have to be designed to cater for earthquake / seismic loads.

As well as supporting new build projects, our services also include design modifications to existing buildings and infrastructure as well as undertaking assessment and design to support demolition works.

Please call our friendly staff today to discuss your next project.

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