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Site Surveillance

Structural Surveys UK have a wealth of expertise acting as the clients engineer, carrying out construction site surveillance throughout the build stage, safeguarding the clients interests and ensuring successful completion of the building or infrastructure asset.


The successful delivery of multi-disciplinary construction projects is influenced by many factors which if managed ineffectively will lead to time delays, cost increases and potential disputes and/or claims.

Management of project deliverables and information, specification & compliance reporting and control of NCRs/FCRs, to name a few, are key to ensuring your construction project is built in accordance with the design specification, to the right quality and within programme and budgetary constraints.    

We use digital technology to manage the construction process, including icloud project deliverables, team collaboration and input, accurately record and process NCRs, FCRs and sign off to ensure the design intent is met.

We have gained considerable expertise working for and in collaboration with national and international clients/developers and construction companies in the delivery of major infrastructure and building projects. 

Structural Surveys UK also work with regional companies so whatever size building or construction project you are planning to deliver, please call our friendly staff today to discuss your specific requirements.

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