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& Facilities Management

Structural Surveys UK provide technical support to facilities management companies and asset owners for existing buildings and infrastructure across a wide range of markets.


Structural Surveys UK can deliver a full suite of services that support the functionality, safety and sustainability of buildings, infrastructure and real estate. 


We are experts in structural survey and inspection works of distressed/damaged/ defective buildings and infrastructure, destructive and non-destructive testing of structures, temporary strengthening or retrofitting & repair of infrastructure assets and buildings, retrospective structural capacity assessment and upgrades & modifications of civil and building structures.

Our engineers are able to provide facilities management support to companies and asset owners of multi-storey buildings, tunnels, bridges, transport networks, commercial/retail facilities, marine structures/docks and ports, sea defences, hospitals, education establishments, nuclear power stations and MoD/defence infrastructure.

Our consultant engineering services support our infrastructure and facilities management capabilities, including structural design, contract administration & strategy, tender procurement, health and safety and project management to ensure design solutions are suitably delivered on site to the right quality and specification. We use digital technology to manage the project process, including icloud project deliverables, team collaboration/input, accurately record and process NCRs, FCRs and sign off to ensure the design intent is met.

Our client base includes government and other public bodies, facility management companies and building/asset owners. We are able to advise on any structural related issue to building/property and infrastructure assets. Call our friendly team today to discuss your individual requirements.

Please view our case studies for examples of the infrastructure and facilities management works conducted.

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